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The Catskills Brunch Spot with Waterfalls

The Catskills Brunch Spot with Waterfalls

Fried chicken and waffles. Bacon, eggs, and greens. Granola bowls with just-picked berries. Yes, our Round Top obsession continues, and we’re back at Trotwood restaurant at Glen Falls House—this time for brunch.

Best Catskills brunch: Fried chicken and waffles at Glen Falls House

You’ll need a big appetite (or a bad hangover) to fully appreciate the crunchy, juicy fried chicken served atop an airy waffle. The whole affair is doused with maple syrup, dolloped with butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Catskills brunch

Maybe you just want all the morning-meal food groups in their truest form: golden farm-fresh eggs, toast from See & Be, bacon and/or sausage sourced from local farms, and a pile of sauteed greens, which gives this place the air of a California-style cafe, as though Williamsburg’s Gertie has a sister living in the Catskills.

glen falls house breakfast

And within 5 minutes of finishing your meal, you could be standing barefoot in a creek, surrounded by wild greenery and a pair of gorgeous waterfalls.

best swimming holes catskills
catskill mountains waterfall hike

When you’ve had enough serenity, it’s worth scoping out the scene at the pool. It’s always open to hotel guests but also welcomes anyone attending the resort’s DJ parties, thrown occasionally on summer weekends.

glen falls house pool

Note the aqua-striped camper, serving burgers and beers, and the canvas DJ tent peeking out from the woods. This place really couldn’t be any cuter.

Glen Falls House DJ tent and camper pool bar

Speaking of cute, here are my kids! They loved following the creek away from the waterfalls, just to see where it would take us.


A note to parents of small children: We love how the Glen Falls House caters to grown-ups with great cocktails, late-night dance parties, and no screaming rugrats to disturb the peace. It’s worth noting that the restaurant does not have a dedicated kids menu, and the pool is more about lounging than splashing around. We casually led our kids away from the waterfalls when we noticed a topless young woman sunbathing on the banks, and at brunch, we started talking loudly about the Minions movie when the dudes at the next table started discussing LSD. Ha! Parenting!

In other words, you could totally stay here with your kids, but you’d probably have a lot more fun without them. For a more wholesome, noisy, kid-friendly, old-timey resort experience, you might want to look into Crystal Brook or Gavin’s. You can still hit Trotwood for brunch!

hip catskills resort

Trotwood serves brunch on Saturday and Sundays from 8am to 3pm, but like all the places we mention on the blog, it’s worth calling ahead to confirm seasonal hours. Glen Falls House is located at 230 Winter Clove Road, Round Top, NY; (518) 622 - 9363.

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