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Kuhar Family Farm: Crazy Breakfast Sandwiches, Cinnamon Buns + Love

Kuhar Family Farm: Crazy Breakfast Sandwiches, Cinnamon Buns + Love

Kuhar Family Farm in Rensselaerville only opens twice a week, so you’ll have to plan ahead to experience their gigantic breakfast sandwich, an explosion of fresh griddled eggs and thick melted cheese over a burger-sized sausage patty.

Kuhar Family Farm breakfast sandwich
Rensselaerville brunch

Yes, it’s large. And it’s delicious. And it’s only available from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. (The market/restaurant also opens for dinner from 5pm to 9pm on Wednesdays.) The sandwich is about the size of our 7-year-old’s head, as you can see below, the rich, salty, chewy-crunchy bacon is served on the same oversized scale.

Brunch in Rensselaerville

If you aren’t in the mood for meat, the beet-heavy veggie burger makes a hearty substitute. Drizzled with sriracha aioli and served over a bed of just-picked greens, this is as good as it gets in the world of veggie burgers. I’m kind of a connoisseur of meatless patties and this one was so deeply flavorful that I wouldn’t want to shroud it with a bun. I think it stands up to the much-lauded Superiority Burger in NYC.

Best veggie burger in the Catskills

And can we talk about the cinnamon rolls? Just some gooey icing over sweet-spicy layers of utter deliciousness.

Cinnamon Roll Kuhar Family Farm

When our brunch was delivered to our little table on the porch, my veggie burger had been forgotten. We were so happy to be out in the sun, feasting on cinnamon buns, that we were content to wait for it. But then one of the owners ran back out with an apology and paper basket of perfectly ripe sliced peaches.

Kuhar Family Farm fruit

It was the sweetest gesture. As a mom who spends an inordinate amount of time cutting up fruit for children (and snacking on the scraps), I was so warmed by the kindness of these pristine peaches. Of course, I shared them with Ramona.

perfect peach kuhar family farms

In short, Kuhar Family Farm is a tiny market and cafe with a very big heart.

Kuhar Farm
Kuhar Family Farm outdoor seating

They’ve got a strong local’s only vibe, some indoor seating, and a couple of tables on the porch. And they share their no-frills building with the Rensselaerville Post Office and the Helderberg Brewery. If you’ve got a hankering for a big ol’ Saturday breakfast, it’s a great little gem to discover.

Rensselaerville Post Office

Kuhar Family Farm is located at 26 County Route 353, Rensselaerville, NY; (518) 618-5059. They offer up their own farm raised pork, beef, and goat, as well as local seasonal fruits and vegetables. Dine-in, take-out, and frozen prepared meals are available.

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