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Grazin' and Strollin' Through Hudson, NY

Grazin' and Strollin' Through Hudson, NY

Grazin' Hudson has proof that happy cows make delicious burgers. The diner-style, organic restaurant is famous for serving grass-fed beef raised on their nearby Grazin' Angus Acres, where the animals are raised according to the highest livestock welfare standards.

I got the Suzie Burger, which has organic onions, ketchup and pepper mixed into its rich and juicy patty.

grazin hudson burger

If you prefer a loaded burger, there's the Cowboy, topped with country ham, cheese, and an over-easy egg, or the Stines, topped with caramelized onions and blue cheese. For vegetarians, they've got a grilled portobello sandwich and a house-made veggie burger packed with white beans, cashews, carrots, and beets.

The Grazin' menu is also very kid-friendly, with 4-ounce burgers for smaller appetites, pasture-raised pork hot dogs, and grilled cheese, plus crispy, salty fries and creamy milkshakes. Ramona was really excited about the farm scene coloring pages that our server brought to our table, and Archer jumped for joy when he found some free area maps stacked beside the jukebox. Good times!

During our trip to Hudson -- hopefully our first of many -- we found our way to Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. We made our way to Ferry Street at South Front Street and found a sign advertising the city's Community Night Out, an event meant to strengthen bonds between local residents and law enforcement partners.

The bridge on Ferry Street looked a little dicey, but the pedestrian walkway was totally safe.

The Hudson River waterfront was even prettier than I imagined it would be.

And though it isn't clear with all the light reflecting off the water in the photo below, we had a great view of the beautiful Hudson-Athens Lighthouse. I'm dreaming of visiting this place, which offers tours once a month.

The park's Community Night Out event involved blue skies, bubbles, bounce houses, and free popcorn, as well as some friendly police officers. Sleepy Ramona was moderately impressed.

On future trips, I'd like to get a better look at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church...

And stroll all the way down Warren Street...

And browse all the antique shops for unusual home goods, like these friendly little stone candlestick holders/bud vases/sculptures...

We're working around our 2-year-old's nap schedule so our visit was cut short, but we'll be back soon. If you've got any Hudson recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

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