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Irish It Up in East Durham: Shopping at Guaranteed Irish

Irish It Up in East Durham: Shopping at Guaranteed Irish

The parking lot of East Durham's Guaranteed Irish is stamped with a shamrock. Every summer, during the East Durham Irish Festival, these shamrocks would be stamped all the way down Route 145, leading the way to the festival grounds. Many summers ago, as we were driving upstate, we got stuck behind the road-stamping truck. I remember that dad was unhappy about creeping along after we'd already spent 3 hours in the car, but I thought it was the luckiest thing that could've happened to us.

Does anyone know if they still stamp the road every year?

Anyway, for all your imported-from-Ireland shopping needs in the Irish Catskills, this place is hard to beat. From claddagh rings to Celtic china, they cover all the bases.

Need a mug emblazoned with your family crest? Step right this way.

How about a t-shirt decorated with a light-hearted Irish expletive? You've come to the right feckin' place!

Need a leprechaun costume? Sure, why not.

How about some Guinness merchandise?

Need some Irish candy? I find it hard to pass up a Flake.

How about some Irish canned goods, while you're at it? They've got Batchelor's Marrofat peas, Irish peas and Mushy peas. Personally, I've been spoiled by the peas from East Durham Farms, but I'm intrigued.

Perhaps you're more interested in Irish literature and music. A used copy of The Vanishing Irish explores the question, "Are the Irish going to vanish form this earth?" Gosh, I hope not. I also hope that CD players don't vanish from this earth because Guaranteed Irish has a whole bunch of Irish compact discs in stock.

It's hard not to love this big maze of a gift shop. If you're in East Durham and searching for a souvenir, Guaranteed Irish is definitely worth a visit.

Guaranteed Irish is located at 2220 NY-145, East Durham, NY; 518-634-2392. They're open from 9am to 6pm Mondays through Saturdays and from 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

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