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A Nature Walk Guided by Archer

A Nature Walk Guided by Archer

Today, 5-year-old guest blogger Archer returns with a post about nature walks. If you like his work, check out his previous posts about turtles and toads, frogs and fish.

As soon as your kid could walk, they would love going on a nature walk.

A nature walk is when you should go outside and learn about nature. But can I tell you a story? About nature walks? Well, this is the story. Only a few weeks ago, I was at school and they said that we were having a nature walk. But it was not that good of a nature walk because we just went around the city looking at people's flower pots and looking in the little garden around my park at school. If you're on the sidewalk, there's no way you could take a nature walk.

In the Catskills, it's filled with nature and that's what makes nature walks in the Catskills better than nature walks in the city.

You might see animals on a nature walk. There are a lot of chipmunks in the Catskills but I never saw one. I've never even seen a chipmunk in my life.

Well, now we'll tell you what we found on this nature walk to put in our nature collections. We found a lot. Mostly, pine cones. The pine cones were only gigantic and itty bitty where I found them. There was no medium-sized or just big or regular small-sized pine cones. Only gigantic and itty bitty.

And also I found a stick. Later I looked and the stick was totally gone. But then later I found a cooler stick that was even smaller.

Now I'm gonna tell you why I like collecting sticks so much. Because also at home in my front yard I have a gigantic stick collection. When I say gigantic, I didn't mean there was a lot of sticks. I just meant one of the sticks was gigantic! But my baby sister Ramona used that gigantic stick to try to knock down my pet Fred the Worm's house. But he was not exactly my pet. Well, I wanted him to be my pet, but he never came in to the house I tried to make for him.

When you're on a nature walk, always bring binoculars. But Crocs are terrible choices of shoes to bring on a nature walk. Crocs are good for swimming in a creek, and they're just fun to wear anywhere. But they're bad for nature walks because if there's a pebble road, there will probably be thousands of pebbles in your shoes. So, just definitely don't wear Crocs when you're on a nature walk. It's best to wear sneakers.

It's kind of fun to have a lot of kids when you're on a nature walk. So on my nature walk, I brought 4 kids. And the kids were me (Archer), my baby sister Ramona, Dorian and Damien. It's also kind of fun to bring 2 or more mommies to make it more safe and fun.

When you're on a nature walk, it's kind of fun to sing, like my baby sister Ramona is singing on the road in the picture above. But you know why I keep saying "road"? Because there's no sidewalk by our house in the Catskills. So, everybody walks on the road.

When a car comes, you lean into the forest. It's not dangerous. But it's especially dangerous to walk in the street when you live in Brooklyn. That's why I like to take nature walks in the Catskills.

Above, there's a picture of Mini Pine (that pine cone's name is "Mini Pine") in my mom's hand.

And this is Dorian who loves to do cartwheels in the Catskills. And also everywhere she goes.

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