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Archer's Animal Alert: Toads, Frogs & Fish

Archer's Animal Alert: Toads, Frogs & Fish

Today our favorite 5-year-old guest blogger, Archer, returns with another animal update:

Camouflage is a way that toads and other animals hide from predators. They don't actually disappear, but they do blend in with their surroundings. Can you find the toad in this picture?

This pictures is not of a frog. It's of a toad! We spotted it -- actually my mom spotted it -- on the side of our house. There's a little place where we barbecue where we found it. Wanna know why he was here? Because it's got lots and lots of grass. And we put it in a container with two other toads. And the toads had names. The one in the picture above is a toad named Giant Toad. And the other toads names were Medium Toad and Small Toad. And all the toads were Fowler's Toads.

Photo by Kyle

And this is something you might not know. We also put one bug and one beetle larvae, which is called a grub, in the toads' container. The bug was a snail. But I told my teacher, Tara, that it was actually a slug with a shell because someone told me on this trip that it actually was a slug with a shell.

That little girl over me is my baby sister, Ramona. On this trip, she made us cheer for her and say, "Mo-NA! Mo-NA! Mo-NA! Mo-NA!" every time she walked into the room!

We let all the animals go, but then the next day we caught a frog that you will see making a smiley face in the next picture:

This is the story of catching this frog. It all started off with my grandpa going down to the lake trying to find some animals in the overflow, and he caught this frog! And he screamed to me up on the deck that my cousin Khloe was bringing up a frog! And I was surprised! And that frog was the frog in this picture. I think it's a baby bullfrog.

Hey, you think there's really no animal in the picture above? Well, there is! It's the frog with the smiley face, but it looks much smaller. You can see it in the bottom of the jar.

Photo by Tess

These are the final words of this post. And this is gonna be a very good story. It all starts off like this: I was going to let that bullfrog go, and I was almost gonna make this post called, "What We Caught When We Let Go."

This is finally the story of how I caught the fish.

I was going down to the lake to let the bullfrog go. And then my dad said if I let him go I would be able go fishing! And I was so so so so happy! Because I'm gonna get to go fishing. And this is something a little bit cool. I never went fishing before! And I caught a lot of fish in so few minutes. And it was kinda even fun, but I almost asked Uncle Michael to cut the worms into 5 pieces, but even if they were cut into 5 pieces, I could use those 5 pieces 20-hundred times because me and my daddy figured out that it's easier to catch fish when you use one worm a few times. Actually, kinda, a hundred times. And that's it.

But you know why I always let the animals go? Because I only get to keep the animals for a day. My mommy and my daddy say they have to go back to their mommies and daddies. But I told them that frogs don't even know their mommies because they're hatched from eggs underwater without their moms. I let them go because we know exactly where to let them go. We let them go in the places where they're most happy in the whole world.

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