A Peaceful Memorial Day & A Robin in the Rafters

Today we're remembering the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country, and hoping that our current leaders will do everything in their power to keep our soldiers safe from future harm. This statue is a copy of a giant bronze policeman statue that resided at the Police Camp near Saugerties, where my grandfather would take my grandmother, my mom, and my 3 aunts in the summers before I was born, before he bought the land that we have now.

East Durham Farms: Piglets, Eggs, Asparagus, Friends

East Durham Farms is one of the main reasons I started writing about the Catskills. Whether you're a local or a weekender, it's totally worth seeking out this little farm stand at 175 Brown Road in East Durham. In the past year, I've written about their glorious sun-sweetened peas, their kid-friendly farm animals, their impossibly delicious tomatoes, and their pumpkins and Thanksgiving turkeys. I love this place.